Pomeranian and Pom mix
7 and 9
Primary Color:
Sable and white


Their very young mom, who was an avid animal advocate and rescuer passed away suddenly leaving behind 4 cats and 4 dogs- all rescues all needing homes. Please help and open your hearts to Tivka and Fozzie- just two of her rescues: Tivka- Pomeranian; 9 years old, neutered and up to date on vaccines. Good with cats and dogs and everyone Tivka ‘s mom rescued him from is a very horrible hoarding situation five years ago but sadly is still skittish is still very frightened of people. He is not at all aggressive and has lived comfortably in a quiet home with dogs and cats and gets along well with all of them. He is comfortable in his familiar surroundings but he will hide if he is approached by people. With some love and patience, he can be picked up but he is most comfortable with the other dogs, sleeping with them or else in his crate. Tivka uses wee wee pads and would be comfortable to just stay inside. At his current home, his owner used to take him outside in a fenced area on occasion and he seemed to like being outdoors. But he would not do well walked on a leash and would likely run away if someone tried to put a leash on him. Tivka needs a special family. He will never be a lapdog, he may never even allow you to comfortably pet him. But he needs a home and he is extremely easy. He would love to have some canine or feline company--it's only with dogs and cats that he feels safe. So someone who's willing to give him a loving, safe environment would be a blessing. His owner, who died quite young, would be so grateful to know that Tivka was saved a second time. Fozzie- Pomeranian chi mix, male, neutered, up to date on vaccines, good with cats, dogs and kids. Fozzie is Tivkas best friend. Fozzie is a super affectionate, and very well behaved boy. Fozzie attaches very quickly and then just loves to be with you; if you are on the couch, he is on your lap. He is an expert jumper--despite his size he can jump up on the bed and likes to sleep with his person. Fozzie adores toys. In his former home he would dig into his toy basket to find exactly what he wanted and walk around with his treasure. He is housebroken, not a barker, a low maintenance sweetheart. Fozzie is great with other dogs and has lived with four cats and got along well with everyone. We would love a home for him where someone is around a lot or has other dogs or cats for company. Fozzie is such a snuggle bug and wants nothing more than to be your loving companion. Fozzie provides much comfort for Tivka and we would like them to stay together. Both boys will be groomed. They are currently still in their home with family members caring for them but it will be sold very soon.

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