"There's no place like home"

Donating Made Simple
You can take care of their tomorrows
There are three areas that drain our resources where we could really use some help

  1. Rescuing animals off the kill shelter or from anywhere and placing them into a safe place, whether it be a boarding facility, foster, or even a veterinary hospitals requires money even with generous discounted prices. Cost of housing and boarding, though costly, is a necessary prerequisite in providing this very important first step.
  2. Routine medical care, sometime extensive, from basic examinations; laboratory tests; vaccinations, worming’s to treatment of various ailments and infections that come with shelter medicine.
  3. As always; we need support for animal transportation; networking via our website; food, and other creature comforts.

Your kind donation will help us continue our efforts to give these defenseless animals a second chance.

We would appreciate a one time donation or if you prefer an automatic monthly donation for any amount you wish. These are all tax deductible for you.

We thank you and the animals especially thank you.