16 pounds
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Cody is an adorable, smart boy who takes a little time to warm up but then will follow you from room to room and lay at your feet. He is affectionate at times, doling out kisses, asking for belly rubs, but also has an independent side--he sleeps on the floor by his foster mom's bed. The shelter listed Cody as a brindle Shih Tzu mix but he certainly looks like has Puggle in him as well. Cody likes to go on walks but is also fine to just go out, do his business, and head back inside. He doesn't wander far and comes when you call him. Cody was found as a stray in a NYC park and ended up in a Manhattan kill shelter. Cody appears to like other dogs but they don't all like him. Cody is perfectly fine with a couple of his foster brothers and sisters but with two others, he tries to dominate, mounting them. He backs off when they correct him but because of this, we think it's best that Cody be the only dog. Cody lives with a nine year old child and is fine with him but we would like to place him in a home without children. In a quiet home Cody is affectionate and your shadow, but when he gets agitated, he will growl and if someone tried to pick him up he could be snappy. Cody Is pretty much housebroken but he was only recently neutered and does mark occasionally. That may be an issue in a house without other male dogs. We think Cody would do very well with some training, he is young and smart and wants to please. We would love a home for Cody that is quiet and calm, with someone who is around a lot and wants a loyal companion. An owner who is dog savvy and willing to do a little work with him would be a perfect match Please contact nypeticare@aol.com

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