American Bulldog
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My dad gave me up for his new wife ……. Byron is in DESPERATE need of help. He was recently given up by his dad after 8 years together because his new wife didn’t like Byron. He has a sister Sasha who we thought he was bonded to. Due to the fact that they redirect on one another, the vet and staff didn’t feel comfortable leaving them together in boarding . Their advocates have decided to adopt them out separately for safety reasons. Unfortunately, Byron bas been set up for failure, and was hurt emotionally and physically. He has been attacked by two different dogs and was hit by a family member. Despite it all, he is a sweet wiggly butt who always welcomes love and attention. He can become protective in the car or when he is startled, and is dog aggressive. We believe that in the right setting he will thrive and be able to be a more confident dog. He is currently sitting in boarding where he is HEARTBROKEN, CONFUSED and missing his family . ***Although he did grow up with young children and his owner said that he loves kids, his advocates feel he would do best with a bulldog savvy owner, in an ADULT ONLY home or one with teens and up . Due to the fact that Byron is dog aggressive, there must be NO OTHER PETS.*** He needs a foster or adopter who will give him the time he needs to decompress! If anyone is interested in showing him the same love, loyalty, dedication and friendship he has provided his owner for the last 8 years, please email: 14Theunderdogs@gmail.com . Located : Lynbrook, NY -8 years old and80lbs of studliness -American bulldog/ English bulldog -full y vetted -MUST be the only pet -Very strong but very Sweet and affectionate -Knows basic commands and -crate trained

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