Domestic Shorthair
Primary Color:
light orange, orange and grey tabby


Timothy Bob and Oscar are in need of a home- they all get along with other cats, dogs, and they love their people. They are all fixed and utd on their shots. These boys just need a new place to hang out. They are all low maintenance- they came from a senior who was sick and whose home unfortunately we not fit for human nor animal to live. They are very happy to just "be" cats. Timothy(light orange with cinnamon nose) is about 6 - 8 yrs old. He is just a love - sweet, friendly, vocal. He LOVES people. He enjoys playing with his toys and being brushed. He is Super super sweet; very playful. Loves to chase the kitty “birdies” and thoroughly enjoys being pet. He comes running at you - tail high - to get his morning hellos Bob (grey) is about 10- 12 yrs old He is just the sweetest most friendly cat and loves attention and enjoys a good conversation and kisses on the head. He also loves to head butt his human :). Loves to be pet and brushed. He feels teeth are overrated, hence he has none. Loves to sleep on chairs, he feels cat beds are too small for him! Just sweet beyond belief. Oscar is about 7-9 yrs old. He is a bit more subdued. Sweet and quiet. He sometimes does his own thing but loves hanging with his buddy Bob. He is people friendly but a little more aloof. He’s got spunk, loves to play with kitty toys. Meows but no sound comes out:0 and sometimes he has a little cattitude but he still looks for affection and enjoys being pet. Here are 3 loving boys that need you.

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